our latest thing: cabine's Palo Santo incense bundles April 19 2016

cabine's Palo Santo incense bundle

Adding to our house & home collection, we are excited to share with you cabine's Palo Santo incense bundle.

Palo Santo, also know as "Holy Wood", reportedly dates back to the Incas. It has a fresh, evocative scent similar to frankincense and myrrh, but with notes of citrus. Like sage, wood from its branches have been used as part of indigenous cleansing, smudging and healing ceremonies for centuries. 

Our eco-friendly Palo Santo bundle is wild harvested in Peru from naturally fallen trees not cut for wood. Trees are allowed to "rest" 4 - 10 years while the natural oils "sweeten" and scent the wood before harvesting. Each cabine bundle contains four Palo Santo sticks. Shop here: Palo Santo

cabine's Palo Santo incense sticks















In addition to our Palo Santo, we were also deeply honored to be part of Florum Fashion Magazine's Green Fashion Index. Find out more here: Florum Fashion

Florum Fashion Green fashion Index

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