Socially Responsible Companies I Love September 25 2017

Buy What You Believe In

Let Your Values Guide Your Spending

As we inch towards what will become a busy shopping season for most of us, I thought I’d get a jumpstart on sharing a few of my favorite socially responsible, female-owned businesses.

These five companies have moved beyond simply offering products and services but are striving to make the world a better place.

Shop Compliment: 5% of every sales goes directly towards the Compliment Scholarship Program which benefits young women with great potential but little means to break generation cycles of poverty, abuse and addiction through education.

Beautycounter: Did you know that the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938? Over the past two decades, the European Union has banned more than 1,300 chemicals in the product formulas of personal care products while the United States has only partially banned 30 to date. Beautycounter is on a mission to get safer beauty and personal care products into the hands of everyone.

Etkie: Stunning hand-beaded bracelets created by Navajo artisans using traditional beading methods while creating jobs in communities where work is scarce. The essence of Etkie is creating quality jobs in underemployed native communities that honor the customs and traditions of its makers.

Refill Madness: Sacramento, CA, based shop dedicated to zero waste living. Customers are encouraged to bring in their own containers and refill them with name brand items as opposed to purchasing single-use plastic. As of this writing, Refill Madness has removed 10,330+ plastic containers from our waste stream.

Brush With Bamboo: Over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes that will never biodegrade are dumped in landfills and oceans every year worldwide. Brush With Bamboo was founded on the belief that little changes can make a big impact for our health and the health of our planet. Brush With Bamboo’s goal is to replace plastic toothbrushes with ecological bamboo alternatives.

What Else Can I Do?

Vote with your dollars. Let your money make a statement. Support companies that have a triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit (not just profit). Make a list of the products and services you buy most. Do their business practices align with your values? Ask yourself if there is another option.

Interested in Diving Deeper?

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And P.S.....

Find out more about cabine's social mission statement by checking out our about page.  Together we can make a difference. 

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