Birthstones by Month: What Do They Mean?

Heart Charm Birthstone Necklace in Peridot and Amethyst


Birthstone jewelry dates back to ancient times with the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Persians all assigning different gemstones to each month of the calendar year. According to legend, wearing a gemstone assigned to one’s birth month boosted its healing powers and therapeutic benefits, making them the ultimate good luck charm for the wearer. 


In modern times, this meaningful representation of one’s birth month makes a beautiful addition to every collection - and the perfect gift! 


Birthstone by Month Guide 


January - Garnet 

Passion, Regeneration, Vitality, Creativity  


February - Amethyst 

Clarity, Balance, Inner Meaning 


March - Aquamarine 

Courage, Inner Peace 


April - Quartz Crystal 

Transformation, Energy, Clarity 


May - Emerald 

Abundance, Loyalty, Patience, Unity 


June - Moonstone 

Hope, Clarity, Intuition, Empowered Femininity  


July - Ruby 

Courage, Passion, Prosperity 


August - Peridot 

Positivity, Transformation 


September - Sapphire 

Wisdom, Prosperity, Insight 


October - Tourmaline 

Balance, Compassion, Awareness 


November - Citrine 

Success, Abundance, Power 


December - Tanzanite 

Healing, Awareness 

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