The Magic of Herkimer Diamonds


 Herkimer Diamond Post Earrings in 14k Gold Fill



Herkimer Diamonds are considered one of the most magical of all crystals. And, as our collection grows, I thought it worth sharing more about these amazing beauties. 

What are Herkimer Diamonds? 

Herkimer Diamonds are gorgeous double-terminated quartz crystals found in Herkimer, New York. These magnificent works of nature are believed to be 500 million years old. Their shape and clarity make them one of the most highly sought-after quartz crystals in the world. 

What makes Herkimer Diamonds so special? 

Discovered in the Herkimer region of New York, these rare quartz crystals were referred to as “diamonds" due to their exceptional clarity and natural faceting.

Herkimer Diamonds are naturally double-terminated (double pointed). Having up to 18 facets allows them to shine and reflect light, hence being referred to as "diamonds" And, as they are naturally faceted, no two are ever alike.

Symbolism & Spirituality 

Known as the Stone of Attunement, Herkimer Diamonds are considered to have the highest vibrational energies of all the quartz crystals. They are thought to clear mental and emotional blockages and guide you in the right direction. And, because they are double-terminated, it is believed they have the ability to not only transmit their own energies but receive and amplify the energy of other crystals around them.

Our Herkimer Diamond pieces include a variety of styles and sizes of Herkimer Diamonds. 


Herkimer Diamond Post Earring in 14K Gold Fill


Our best selling Herkimer Diamond post earrings are hand wrapped in either 14k gold fill or sterling silver wire. 


Herkimer Diamond Necklace in 14k Golf Fill


Our Herkimer Diamond necklace features seven Herkimer Diamonds on a delicate over chain in 14k gold fill. 


Herkimer Diamond Threaders Earrings in 14k Gold Fill


 Our gorgeous Herkimer Threaders feature Herkimer Diamond's on box cable threader earring in 14k gold fill or sterling silver. 


Herkimer Diamond Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver


Our Herkimer Diamond bar necklace features a delicate fine chain and of tiny cluster Herkimer's that float serenely on your neck. Available in 14k gold fill or sterling silver. 


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