Three Trends We Are Loving this Spring

Layering Necklaces in Clear Quartz with Gold Moon Pendant


As some of you know, I worked for many years in the fashion industry before pivoting to jewelry design full-time in 2019. I have always had a love of fashion. But, the churn of fast fashion weighed on me and ultimately was one of the reasons I stepped away from the industry as a whole.

I started Cabine because I wanted to create beautiful pieces that fit into your everyday life, are fueled by good vibes, and that will stay with you a long time.

So, with this in mind, here is my take on three hot trends that are slaying it this Spring but I believe will also fall into the timeless category for an effortlessly elegant look and feel well beyond this season.


A trend that is here to stay is the layered necklace. It's my personal favorite as there are so many ways to make this look uniquely yours. And, having the freedom to adjust lengths for a layered look is the number one reason our layering necklaces come with an extender.

My favorite way to layer is by not only mixing lengths but textures, too. Texture is used to add contrast and help break things up a bit. Start with a shorter base necklace and add one (or more) longer necklaces. Don’t be afraid to mix chains with texture to make things more interesting. I love this combination of our Theia Necklace in Clear Quartz with our Little Moon Layering Necklace.

Mix, Match & Stack

 Bracelet stack in Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz and Pyrite


Who doesn’t love a bracelet stack? There is so much flexibility with this one. With crystal and gemstone bracelets, I say the more the merrier! 

I like to start with an everyday bracelet. This season it's our Amplifier Bracelet in Clear Quartz and Pyrite. Then I add a couple of gemstone bracelets into the mix. For even more fun, you could even stack bracelets on both wrists.

Don’t be afraid to add pops of color. Color, like texture, helps the eye break things up and add a little bit of interest. I tend to choose my crystals intuitively based on my mood but matching colors to your outfit is ok too.


Sterling silver half moon necklace


Silver is coming in hot this season. Long associated with cooler colors and minimalist designs, I am loving it right now with pops of bolder colors like blue, purple and green. Even hotter is layering it with other necklaces. My current go-to is our Half Moon Necklace in sterling silver mixed with our Rigel Necklace with Star Pendant for a pop of color. 

And, a bonus, is all our sterling silver is reclaimed metal which makes it pretty for you and a little easier on Mother Earth.

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