Amber Collins | Founder Cabine Monde

Hello! I’m Amber, the founder of Cabine.

I started Cabine in 2016. I had returned from Europe and was living in California, working as a high-fashion model agent and scout. I loved the models I was managing, but found myself becoming increasingly disillusioned with the fashion industry. I was struggling not only with its lack of racial diversity, but with its ageism, representation of women, and lack of body diversity. My head and heart needed something else, so I began Cabine as a creative exploration.

My background is a little unconventional and my early experiences have largely shaped Cabine’s philosophies. I was raised on an Indian Reservation in South Dakota before moving to California with an extraordinary reverence to the Earth, native culture, family, and community. What I wanted my company to look and feel like existed well before I knew what product I would be creating.

At 16, I started modeling and traveled to Tokyo and Paris, walking in my first Paris Fashion Week before even graduating from high school. With a very successful and growing career, I found myself living in Paris and traveling the world. I did that until my son, Cameron, was born and we settled in Barcelona.

Though I knew deep inside, I would one day create a company that reflected my dreams and values, I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined I would design jewelry. What started as creative outlet in 2016 became my full-time business by 2019.

Since Cabine’s inception, I have set aside a portion of the company’s proceeds to benefit charities within my local community. In 2020, I decided to go one step further by becoming a 1% for the Planet partner. I have committed to giving a percentage of Cabine’s revenue to vetted non-profits to address the interrelated issues of climate change, healthy food systems, environmental toxins, water resources, land management, and wildlife diversity.

I currently live in Sacramento, CA with my husband and sometimes our children. We are a blended family with one at college, and my son living in Los Angeles. In addition to Cabine, I am also a proud Beautycounter consultant. As a breast cancer survivor, Beautycounter's mission to get safer personal care products into the hands of everyone is a cause near and dear to my heart. 

Thank you so much for being here. Your support means the world to me. I hope you’ll stay connected by finding me on Instagram or by texting CABINE to 29071 to join our SMS list.